​Potential guests please be aware when you call in a reservation or email us we need age of RV, type of RV (Trailer, Class A, B, C -motorhomes and/or 5th Wheel)  ​We also need to know how many adults and children in the party. Plus if you have a dog or dogs. ​(We limit dogs to no more than one on monthly reservations and no more than two on daily or weekly stay!  Cannot be what is designated as a vicious breed) {Be aware we do charge a ONE TIME charge per dog of $25.00 to offset leash-free dog park} {After 45 days you must have proof of pet license for Snohomish County or your reservation will not be extended}

Harbour Pointe RV Park

11501 Highway 99/Evergreen Way

Everett, WA 98204



Contact us to make a reservation or an inquiry

Until November 1st, 2018 call (425)789-1169 and after that date call (425) 397-2970 or Emergency number/after hours of (425) 321-9891.

Please COMPLETE THE  GUEST RESERVATION FORM ​(See the Registration Form button Above- Needs to me scanned and email : parkinfo@harbourpointerv.com.  

If you would like to call in a reservation please be prepared to answer all the questions on the formal guest reservation application

Where our Park is located