Harbour Pointe RV Park    is a seasonal recreational vehicle park that has 64 RV parking sites available for daily, weekly and monthly stay.  The types of RV's accepted in the park are Class "A", "B", "c" motor-homes & bus, 5th wheels, travel trailers.

No Pop-up campers unless they are fully self-contained as we have no public showers or bathroom. Pick-up campers and topper/shells and Tiny Homes are prohibited by our insurance carrier.

 All RV's if on extended stay (30 day reservations) must be fully self-contained.  Which means must have a toilet, shower, water heater, furnace, refrigerator and/or air conditioning or heat pump.

No RV's manufactured  over 20 calendar years can stay  longer than 30 days and then only as a daily or weekly stay,  PERIOD!  Thirty (30) day continuous stay is limited to 10 calendar years or newer.

Per State of Washington because of our park license we can not accept Park Model trailers or manufactured homes.

Each site has 48 TV channels **      

 Most sites have 10 amp GFI, 30amp and 50amp receptacles.

Monthly (30 Day Reservation) stay guests are required to pay for the electric usage and this is metered and charged a monthly service fee  + kwh usage based upon  meter reading at each site and included in your reservation charges when time for you to check-out or continue your stay.  Daily and Weekly guests have no electrical charges!

The park has one uni-sex bathroom with a full handicap shower available for use by park guests if their RV's toilet and shower are temporarily out service.  We are an urban RV park and we require all guests to have their own working bathroom and shower.  

Laundry is provided by an outside vendor that uses a re-loadable card for usage of the equipment (washers & dryers). No coin usage what so ever, operates with re-loadable cash cards. There is also a soap, bleach and fabric softener vending machine in the Laundry Room that operates on quarters.

FREE ICE machine to our guests.

Wi-Fi internet hot-spot service is available and provided to you with a secure password protected log-in. 30 day reservations pay  for the service, Daily and weekly have the cost included in their reservation fee.